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Personal Training and FST™

Increase your health and fitness, meet sport specific needs or address injuries with DexFit. Customized programs include strength training and/or Fascial Stretch Therapy™ to help you break through plateaus while remaining injury-free. Available in-studio, in-home & online.

Wellness Seminars

Focusing on wellness for your employees and students reduces absenteeism and benefit program costs, and increases productivity and morale. DexFit offers dynamic online and in-person workshops that are more than your average wellness presentation!

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Hi, I'm Charlene

I know what it’s like to feel lost at the gym, to work hard and not see results and how easy it is to lose the motivation to train. My injuries and frustrations led me toward a career in health and fitness, and now, with years of study and experience as a health care practitioner, I feel blessed to pass on the gift of feeling strong and healthy to you. That's why I founded DexFit.

Each day my clients inspire me with their commitment and enliven me with their pride in accomplishments.  I can’t wait to work with you to meet your goals.

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Happy Clients

"Through training I’ve achieved more strength, and definitely more flexibility. I’m standing a little straighter and am maybe a little taller!"
- Walter
“Thanks to Charlene, I’m not going back to my old ways!  I live by myself and didn’t want to cook – she made me realize I’m worth cooking for, and I’m excited to do it!"
- Vicky
“As a professional wakeskater I appreciated that Charlene took the time to understand my sport. Training had a huge impact on my performance”
- Jesse

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Call me at (647) 890-2348 or send me a message below.

Studio Locations

In-Person Training: 575 St. Clair Ave West (by appointment only)
Online Virtual Training (by appointment only)
In-Home: In G.T.A. (by appointment only)

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